Chicago Day 1

I’m Back! It’s been quiet here on the blog because of two reasons: I went to Chicago for a few days and I’m sick. It’s all good now because I’m relaxing at home and binge watching bad television. Anywho back to Chicago! When we first got there we were a bit peckish after traveling all day and got some delicious tacos from Velvet Taco and then promptly did not sleep because I apparently  don’t recognize central time…

Our first an absolutely full day we walked approx. 6 miles. Now how did we do that you ask? (lets just pretend you did ask) We started off at Wildberry for brunch and although I did not eat this delicious looking Waffle, Ramin did, I did take a picture for everybody to see how delicious it was. Please do enjoy. I was also told by friends that their pancakes are to die for; so if you find yourself in the Windy City and need brunch I definitely recommend this place.

We walked the Magnificent Mile to the #1 traveler’s destination in Chicago Millennium Park. I think it helped to walk off our large breakfast and to stay warm. On our adventure to Millennium Park, we found this new art installation it was called “the bean” I don’t know if you’ve heard of it but it was incredible. That was a joke, I like to think I’m funny sometimes. It is definitely a must see, it is so smooth and shiny and perfect! That and the rest of Millennium Park was really awe inspiring to see.

I think the City of Chicago did this on purpose but Millennium Park is right next to the Art Institute of Chicago. I think they also planned the Art Institute to be incredibly maze like so you can never find you’re way out. I only say this because we got lost. inside. with a map. This definitely was a whole day adventure but we shortened it to what we could with the time we had. We saw all the classics, paintings and furniture,  as well as the new more confusing to understand pieces.



From there we took a short, I mean long walk to the Sears Tower. We heard this wonderful joke about the Sears Tower… it’s spelled W I L L I S but pronounced Sears. It’s called Willis Tower nowadays not that anyone does! It was super high and if you know me you know I am batshit terrified of heights. So you know what anyone with a fear of heights does…signs herself up for the ultimate skydeck experience of standing 1200 feet in the air on a glass platform.

It was really cool and for anybody who isn’t terrified of heights, I held on to the wall. When planning this whole Chicago trip I think I forgot that there are skyscrapers here and airplanes and everything high up off the ground. I really should think about these things more when we plan vacations. All in all not so many pictures from here cause heights. See the panic in my eyes!!


We winded down our day at O’Tooles for free beer and a bomb-ass burger. Free beer you say, yeah whilst looking for the bathroom some lady handed me a beer. That sounds all sorts of bad when I say it like that but it was for a promotional and I didn’t even drink it. It had Carbs.


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